Framework laptop

Large Language Models at Home

Posted 10/12/23
Framework laptop

An ephemeral KubeVirt development environment on Fedora Silverblue

Posted 06/03/23
HP Microserver Gen10

Homelab Update 2022 2023 - Consolidation

Posted 21/02/23

MultiGig Home Network Upgrade

Posted 1/08/21

Storage Upgrade with the Helios64

Odroid HC2

Offsite Backup Version 2.0

Posted 13/11/20

Self-Hosting your own Docker Hub

Posted 13/10/20

Homelab 2020

Posted 11/01/20

Hardware Accelerated Transcoding in Kubernetes with Intel Integrated Graphics

Posted 18/08/19

Pi 4 heat and the new Flirc case

Posted 29/07/19

Pi-hole, MetalLB, Layer 2 and all that kind of fun stuff

If I was to recommend one service for friends to run at home, it would be pi-hole. For those that might not be familiar, pi-hole is a network wide adblocker.

Posted 11/03/19

Jellyfin deployed in Kubernetes with Helm

Jellyfin is an open source software media system that helps users to manage and stream their media collections. The aim of the project is to provide an open source alternative to Plex and Emby.

Posted 06/01/19

A Kubernetes cluster in minutes with SUSE CaaS

After attending SUSE Experts Day in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin a few months ago, I was excited to try out the new the SUSE CaaS platform that they had been talking about...

Posted 15/08/18

Deploying an Openstack cloud on Kubernetes

This post looks at deploying a full Openstack environment on a Kubernetes cluster using Helm and the Openstack-Helm project

Posted 10/07/18

Upgrading a Gen10 MicroServer with an SSD

The HPE Proliant Microservers have been very popular machines among home server enthusiasts for a good few years now...

Posted 28/06/18

Preparing for the CKA Exam

Kubernetes seems to be everywhere these days. It has become a bit of a buzzword in the software development industry. A day doesn't go by in the office without someone in the office mentioning it but what is it?....

Posted 11/06/18